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"First of all the programme put structure into my life. After doing next to nothing since 1999..." click to read more

"I’m now doing relief work and I’m confident this will lead to a full time contract..." click to read more

"My involvement with Sorted has made me more confident, punctual & assertive, and also the course has made me realise that I do have the skills and abilities to go where I want in life."

"I completed the Sorted programme and have learnt that the best way to move forward is to draw a line over the past, take stock and put all your effort in to the future."

“I would like to thank Sorted for the time they gave to make me feel better about myself and to gave me the confidence to get back in touch with my family and my wee boy.”

"I liked the outdoor pursuits because it takes you out of your comfort zone."

"I think the staff are very helpful, happy and easy to talk to, the friendly atmosphere helps in the morning and carries you through the day."

"I have learned how to work as part of a team. It gave me confidence in myself".

"I liked finding out about myself & setting goals which I now feel I am well on the way to achieving."

"The skills I have gained are self-healing through Reiki & meditation & other useful tools to de-stress & help me to reach my full potential."

"I felt the staff were excellent at helping me gain confidence & ultimately helping me to reach my goals in life. The environment was positive & easy-going."

Client Testimonials
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