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What Sorted Does
The Sorted Project works across Edinburgh and Lothian supporting people over the age of 18 and in recovery from substance (drugs/alcohol) dependency and mental health issues. Most of our clients are unemployed and their issues are a major barrier to employment. We work in partnership with a range of established voluntary and statutory organisations to provide support in moving closer to the labour market. Referrals come from addiction treatment agencies, mental health agencies, social work, NHS and self referrals.
Integrated Service Delivery Strategy
When becoming established as an independent project, Sorted worked hard to develop a unique Integrated Service Delivery Strategy, which now underpins our ethos to engage with the broadest possible range of clients.
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Sorted has a broad reach into some of the most socially excluded and isolated groups through a partnership approach. Our partners include representatives from the voluntary and statutory sectors, the private sector and our communities. We realise that one size does not fit all, which is why we offer group, one to one and outreach and signposting provision. This is a unique aspect of our service and in particular the follow up service we provide, lasts until the client moves on to their next stage.
Measuring Change
Referencing Prochaska & DiClemente's Stages Of Change model, we work with clients who are at the contemplation/decision/action stage. We use the Life Wheel planning tool to measure change and progress in a variety of areas in day-to-day life.
VOX: Vocational Opportunities and Experiences
In 2011 Sorted secured a grant from Comic Relief to pilot new work around vocational opportunities for clients in recovery. Over the last year this has become an exciting and ambitious element of the project, linking clients to meaningful vocational experiences with employers and placement providers. This provides excellent opportunities for our clients to develop confidence, new skills and new social networks, helps clients to move on and is a great opportunity to gain up-to-date character and work references..

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Sorted Life Skills Programmes

Emotional Intelligence:

Social interaction and awareness
Building & maintaining relationships
Basic communication skills
Life Planning

Confidence building:

Exploring self-esteem
Building models of confidence
Life balance


Body Language
Listening skills
Memory skills

Healthy Eating:

Food and mood
Basic recipe & menu planning
Basic budgeting